Reflection: Checks for Understanding Measuring Skills: Volume - Section 3: Let's Write A Conclusion


Students need practice to write a conclusion. They need to be redirected back to the data they collected and the questions they analyzed. I direct students back to the information collected so they can write a conclusion. Here is what students wrote about measuring volume:

  • I learned that the papers were the same size but prism B held more popcorn because it had a larger volume.
  • I learned that prism B can hold more popcorn than prism A because prism B's volume was larger than prism A's.
  • I learned that even though the papers were the same size they don't hold the same amount because they have different volumes.
  • I learned that two different shaped prisms won't hold the same amount of popcorn because their dimensions and volume are different.

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Measuring Skills: Volume

Unit 1: Introduction to Science
Lesson 9 of 12

Objective: SWBAT construct objects and determine the resulting volume.

Big Idea: Popcorn Anyone? As students create two rectangular prisms, they will determine which holds more popcorn.

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