Reflection: Checks for Understanding What is a Scientist? - Section 6: Evaluate


After bringing out the evaluation and showing it to my students, I quickly realized that reading the text would be challenging for a good portion of them.  Rather than giving the assessment to them and having many of them just sit and look at the page, I changed my approach and opted to read it aloud to them.  I put a copy of the page on the document camera and pointed to each choice and explained to those students who didn't know what some of the object were, and allowed them to choose what they felt was a system.  

Once all the children were done with their selections, I gave them about ten minutes to write their explanations.  This proved to be difficult for many of them.  This was a great opportunity for me to gather data about how my students would be able to handle these types of assessments in the future.    

  Reflection of the Evaluation
  Checks for Understanding: Reflection of the Evaluation
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What is a Scientist?

Unit 1: Inquiry in Science
Lesson 1 of 14

Objective: SWBAT define the process skills that scientists use to be successful.

Big Idea: It is all in the way you approach it. Understanding the world of inquiry and carefully scaffolding lessons to build upon learning to guide students through the process of investigation.

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