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In order for students to ask meaningful questions, they have to have a frame of reference about a topic or issue at hand.  In this lesson, it was extremely difficult for a few students to ask questions about the familiar objects.  They posed silly or funny questions because some of my students could not connect to prior knowledge.  They simply did not have any prior knowledge about the familiar objects.

In this instant, I made a conscious decision to allow the students to wonder about the objects.  In real world situations, scientists do not always have the answers.  Working through the unknown is part of the process.  Here is a video of an engineer discussing teaching students to ask questions. The engineer expresses wisdom that is worth sharing.



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  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Challenging Task
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Learning to Ask Questions

Unit 1: What is science?
Lesson 8 of 8

Objective: Students will be able to use science vocabulary to pose a scientific question.

Big Idea: The primary function of a scientist is to ask questions and seek answers therefore, kindergarten students must also know how to ask a scientific question.

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