Reflection: Student Feedback Cozy Up to "A Voice" by Pat Mora using a TPCASTT Organizer - Section 3: Application


Since I noticed that many of my students had not yet developed theme statements in their TPCASTTs, I asked them to finish it for homework. For students that had developed theme statements, I asked them to share with the class to see if they were, in fact, true theme statements. After hearing them, students provided feedback by answering:

  1. Did the statement provide an insight about life or human nature that relates to the poem?
  2. Did the statement avoid the word you ?
  3. Did the statement avoid giving a command?

This was my way of reinforcing how to write effective theme statements and a way of helping those that still needed to develop their statements.

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Cozy Up to "A Voice" by Pat Mora using a TPCASTT Organizer

Unit 3: The Search for Identity: Assessing skills from "The Scarlet Ibis" and Analyzing "A Voice"
Lesson 1 of 4

Objective: SWBAT read closely to analyze a poem by completing a TPCASTT organizer.

Big Idea: Students get up close and personal with a poem by using the TPCASTT to collect their ideas.

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