Reflection: Shared Expectations Introducing Meaningful Listening Skills - Section 1: Teacher Background Knowledge


I think it is imperative that we teach students how to adequately communicate in an engaging and enjoyable way.  When we teach our kindergarteners how to communicate with each other, we are preparing them for learning, as well as for life.  I think it's crucial that we strive to create joy and encourage students through the necessary speaking and listening skills they are going to continue to use and improve upon.

  This really helps create a classroom culture of respect!
  Shared Expectations: This really helps create a classroom culture of respect!
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Introducing Meaningful Listening Skills

Unit 16: Meeting Speaking and Listening Standards in Kindergarten
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Objective: SWBAT practice routines to help develop skills for participating in collaborative conversations with diverse partners.

Big Idea: Are We Listening? Kindergarteners learn the importance of meaningful listening.

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