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After completing the lesson, I realized that the questions students were answering here are extremely valuable in assessing their own engineering design.  It would have been great to have the kids use a rubric of sorts to analyze their own work both in terms of creating, designing and building.  Here is a sample rubric I will have the children use in the future in order to assess their engineering skills. Students complete the rubric, analyzing their own performance and that of the group.  Afterwards they can identify what changes, if any they could have done to be more successful in the lesson.

  Self-Graded Rubrics: Student Self Evaluation
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Can You Build It?

Unit 4: Scientific Protocol
Lesson 4 of 13

Objective: SWBAT construct a tower by following a clear procedure written by fellow classmates.

Big Idea: In the first lesson students became familiar with the importance of being specific when writing directions and procedures. This lesson is a follow-up that tests their ability to write and follow a procedure.

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Science, Building Structures, metric units, mass, Google Drive
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