Reflection: Exit Tickets Measuring Skills: Mass - Section 3: Ticket Out The Door


I have students complete an Exit Ticket or Ticket Out The Door as a strategy to guide my instruction. Student comments, ideas, and questions help me to identify if the goal of the lesson has been met.

Some student responses to this lesson on measuring mass include:

  • I learned that you have to be very precise when measuring with the triple beam balance because even one-tenth of a gram can make your measurement inaccurate.
  • I learned that you need to have the ability to take your time and not rush when measuring mass.
  • I learned that you have to add up the numbers accurately or it will be the wrong answer.
  • I learned that all objects have mass and that you have to be patient if you are measuring them with a triple beam balance.

  Student Responses to Measuring Mass
  Exit Tickets: Student Responses to Measuring Mass
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Measuring Skills: Mass

Unit 1: Introduction to Science
Lesson 8 of 12

Objective: SWBAT measure mass using metric units and tools.

Big Idea: Matter has mass! Use a balance to explore and find the mass of a variety of objects.

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