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During this experiment students had to deal with the factor of wind impacting the direction of the lid flight.  Sometimes the wind would blow the lid almost at a 90 degree angle.  I noticed that with this factor, students were struggling with making precise measurements.  We have discussed every time we use the measuring tape that it is important to measure from the starting point straight to the object, not measure up and then curve over, or measure in a straight line and use your finger to track over to the object to see if you are lined up.  Putting this practice into affect in a real world situation like the factor of winding changing the motion of the lid, posed some difficulties.  I spent a lot of time reteaching this to individual groups as I noticed them measuring incorrectly.  

Although students struggled with one aspect of measuring, I was pleased to see that they were all measuring from the edge of the sidewalk as we discussed.  They were also all using the centimeter side of the measuring tape without being reminded which means they have mastered those concepts.  I was also very pleased to see a couple of groups self correct when they noticed they moved their finger or the measuring tape while extending the measuring tape for longer distances.  You can see in the video I selected of the students measuring that they were actually one of the groups that self corrected.  They began their measurement and then when the girl in the video moved her finger slightly, the boy decided they needed to start their measurement over so that it would be more precise.  This is something I have had to reiterate during every experiment so I was happy to see some groups taking the initiative to start over without being reminded by me.    

  Students Measuring Abilities
  Real World Applications: Students Measuring Abilities
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Experiment: Which size of Alka Seltzer will shoot a canister the farthest?

Unit 1: Scientists at Work
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Objective: SWBAT work through the steps of the scientific method to determine which size Alka Seltzer will cause a film canister lid to shoot the greatest distance.

Big Idea: Students head outdoors to shoot off film canister lids using the power of an Alka Seltzer chemical reaction.

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