Reflection: Lesson Planning Scale Model of an Atom - Section 2: Building the Model


I encourage you to spend the time to create your own Google Map to depict the size of the atom. When I am pulling back on the map I get a chance to watch my student's faces as they watch my overhead screen. They are genuinely excite to see their own hometown displayed before them and to understand the massive scale of the interior of the atom in a contact they comprehend. 

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Scale Model of an Atom

Unit 4: Atomic Structure
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Objective: Students will be exposed to the true scale of the interior of an atom using Goggle Maps as a means to show the distance between the proton and the electron.

Big Idea: Most texts depict the electron relatively close to the proton because that is what fits on a single page, the true scale is much larger, as seen in this Google Map.

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scale model of atom
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