Reflection: ELL Students She Sorts Seashells by the Seashore Day 2 - Section 5: Class Discussion/Wrap Up


I am so glad that I decided to use sentence frames to help my students tackle their first attempt at writing in Science. Using the sentence frames helped me scaffold and differentiate for my diverse learners. The sentence frames allowed them to use their notes to fit in the key details of what they observed. This strategy enabled them to feel a sense of accomplishment with a task that would have been much more difficult without this support. 

  ELL Students: Sentence Frames a winning strategy
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She Sorts Seashells by the Seashore Day 2

Unit 1: Classifying Seashells
Lesson 2 of 2

Objective: SWBAT Identify and classify seashells by type referring to print and electronic media for guidance.

Big Idea: Just as scientists re-evaluate data based on new criteria, during this followup lesson on classifying, students classify seashells by using print and electronic media to collaboratively revise their original classification data .

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