Reflection: High Expectations Sensational Sixteen! - Section 2: Independent Practice


When learning teen numbers, students often make mistakes with everything from pronunciation to number writing. For instance, students are often inclined to say "sixty" instead of "sixteen." When I hear a student mistakenly say "60" for "16, " I make an inquisitive face and repeat, "You said '60.'" if the student remains quiet, I will continue to press, asking, "60?" or "16?" stressing the "teen" part. The student almost always self-corrects, and I will restate for the student, "Oh, that's right, 16!" with a smile. It's entirely possible to truly attend to precision (MP.6) in a way that is kind and respectful, and that most importantly, encourages children to be keenly aware of their own understanding. 

  Helping students clear up their own misconceptions
  High Expectations: Helping students clear up their own misconceptions
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Sensational Sixteen!

Unit 14: Tricky Teen Numbers
Lesson 6 of 12

Objective: SWBAT identify, write, count, and represent the number 16.

Big Idea: Students will enjoy lots of hands-on practice building 16 and practicing the concept of a ten and extra ones.

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