Reflection: Checks for Understanding Drawing Equal Group Models - Section 5: Wrap-up


As I've improved on my instructional practice over the years, I am repeatedly reminded of the importance of closure.  For years, I remember it was the one piece of my lessons that I often left off. Certainly, it happens - when there's a time constraint, the end of a lesson is the piece that is cut! Each time I end a lesson though, I'm struck anew by how valuable those few minutes are.

The rich conversations about both strategy and metacogniton are powerful and certainly do a better job of strengthening new neural pathways in young children's minds than being talked at by the teacher.  I was encouraged  at the conclusion of this lesson with a student's ability to express her misconception about how to extract information from a division problem.  She had been operating under the assumption that the dividend was always the first number in the problem and through working with a peer came to the realization that it is the largest number.  When she articulated this realization, several other students shook their heads knowingly and chimed in with similar comments.  I am always so happy when I hear these kinds of conversations because I know that in learning from their errors/misconceptions, true learning is taking place!

  The Often Overlooked Value of Closure
  Checks for Understanding: The Often Overlooked Value of Closure
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Drawing Equal Group Models

Unit 4: Introduction to Basic Division
Lesson 2 of 6

Objective: Students will be able to solve simple division word problems using an equal groups model.

Big Idea: The equal groups model used in multiplication can be used to solve division problems as well!

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, Operations , Critical Areas, division
  58 minutes
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