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In response to people who claim that Common Core pushes children to learn tasks that are beyond developmental abilities, I would present a picture of our finished work, drying on the floor. Students have painted, glued, dotted with markers, eaten marshmallows, and deeply discussed their growing conceptual knowledge about 15. We participated in creative, fun, developmentally appropriate activities, while learning Common Core State Standards and developing a solid understanding of teen  numbers. It is entirely possible to let kids be kids while teaching Common Core, but planning, interaction, and meaningful discussions are key.

  Hands-on activities to build knowledge
  Student Ownership: Hands-on activities to build knowledge
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Fabulous Fifteen!

Unit 14: Tricky Teen Numbers
Lesson 5 of 12

Objective: SWBAT identify, write, count, and represent the number 15.

Big Idea: Students enjoy lots of hands-on practice building 15 and the concept of a ten and extra ones.

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