Reflection: Lesson Planning Argument: What is it about these Editorials that Makes them Winners? - Section 2: Evaluate teenage writer editorials


In planning my lessons, I typically over plan.  However, today I was completely over zealous with the expectation of students reading six editorials.  As I walked around and visited with students, I discovered that most of them were working hard.  They enjoyed reading editorials that kids similar to them submitted.  They spent time with each editorial and were diligent in their evaluation of them.  I adjusted our expectation from six to three.  Perhaps we will revisit these in the future if we have some time left in class.  I can always pull one up on the smart board and we can read it together.  

  I am always over planning!
  Lesson Planning: I am always over planning!
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Argument: What is it about these Editorials that Makes them Winners?

Unit 15: Writer's Workshop Google Doc Style: Writing an Editorial
Lesson 8 of 9

Objective: SWBAT analyze how an author's claims are developed by reading and evaluating contest winning editorials.

Big Idea: What takes an editorial from "good" to "wow"?

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