Reflection: Lesson Planning Drill 7: We Interact With Our Learning! - Section 2: Notebook set up


This tool is so worth the time you put into it. Every kid is different and learns in their own way, and these notebooks maximize that learning potential. We don't have kiddos that sit and listen to directions and write down what we say anymore. As easy as those kids may be to "teach", it just isn't the norm. Our kids want to dig in and get their hands dirty. They want to play and interact. The notebooks work for our multi-sensory kids and all learning types out there. More and more teachers are catching on and creating some really cool documents. For me, it isn't about the cutesy stuff though; it's about teaching the students to TRULY study and learn information. If they are processing the new information in a way that works for them, then the cramming and rereading information is finally gone! 

  The Time is Worth It!
  Lesson Planning: The Time is Worth It!
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Drill 7: We Interact With Our Learning!

Unit 1: Back-to-School Boot Camp
Lesson 9 of 9

Objective: SWBAT organize their thinking and learn to study with interactive notebooks.

Big Idea: How do you study? Were you ever taught? Well, be prepared to learn how!

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English / Language Arts, interactive notebook
  20 minutes
interactive notebook
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