Reflection: High Expectations Drill 4: We Read CLOSELY! - Section 2: Guided Practice


I had a few kiddos who just weren't budging today in regards to the fact that they can read without interacting with the text. When I asked them to tell me what they read, they couldn't remember most details. Then I called a quick group discussion about the first few paragraphs. I asked the kids to refer to their notes to start our conversations. The kiddos who had some interactive notes down, were really bringing up some great ideas and great questions about vocabulary. One student said, "I had no idea what was going on when the story said...." and another student chimed in a said "I marked that, too!" Then someone else jumped in and clarified. Then I asked the students about the power of interacting and making marks/notes in the text and we had a pretty good discussion there. Those few kids that were pushing back made a much better attempt moving forward, so I was glad to see just a little more participation there!

  High Expectations: Stubborn!
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Drill 4: We Read CLOSELY!

Unit 1: Back-to-School Boot Camp
Lesson 6 of 9

Objective: SWBAT understand the basic components of a close read.

Big Idea: Dig Deep! Read Closely! Teachers tell us to do this, but we have no idea how!

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