Reflection: Modeling Student Designed Lab: Analysis and Conclusion - Section 4: Independent Exploration


In an effort to continue building students skills in collaboration, as well as develop their ability to independently monitor their learning, it is important to give students a frame of reference for what will be required of them when they are doing something for the first time.

By explicitly stating what students' expectations are, students work together in a more open and productive manner.  In this case, I find the instructions related to providing/receiving critiques especially helpful. Reminding students that they should be listening to other ideas without getting hurt feelings, stating their thoughts clearly and kindly while giving good reasons for opinions helps students be aware of the way they are communicating their thoughts and allows the group to work effectively on the task.

  Why Include "What It Looks Like"
  Modeling: Why Include "What It Looks Like"
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Student Designed Lab: Analysis and Conclusion

Unit 2: Introduction to Science and Engineering Practices
Lesson 6 of 7

Objective: SWBAT use their collected data to draw and support a conclusion that answers their testable question.

Big Idea: Students practice developing and supporting conclusions based on data they collected.

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Science, Science Skills, experimental evidence, experimental design, planning and carrying out investigations, Analyzing and interpreting data, argumentation based on evidence
  45 minutes
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