Reflection: Gradual Release Student Designed Lab: Analysis and Conclusion - Section 2: Warm Up


This activity is, in my opinion, the perfect bridge between the type of inference making students do on a regular basis (called making assumptions!) and scientific inferencing based on data and graphs.  

Looking at a picture and explaining what they think is happening and why is an activity that is somewhat familiar to students from history and/or English classes.  Getting students thinking within this context before having them transition into analyzing graphs, which is more unfamiliar, puts them in the best situation to be successful as they learn how to look at the graph data and use it to draw conclusions that make sense in light of what the graph shows.

  Pictures Before Graphs
  Gradual Release: Pictures Before Graphs
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Student Designed Lab: Analysis and Conclusion

Unit 2: Introduction to Science and Engineering Practices
Lesson 6 of 7

Objective: SWBAT use their collected data to draw and support a conclusion that answers their testable question.

Big Idea: Students practice developing and supporting conclusions based on data they collected.

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Science, Science Skills, experimental evidence, experimental design, planning and carrying out investigations, Analyzing and interpreting data, argumentation based on evidence
  45 minutes
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