Reflection: Real World Applications Measuring Skills: Temperature - Section 1: Bell Ringer - What Is The Temperature On The Thermometer?


It is important to take time and have students learn to read a thermometer. This will help them be more successful as they collect data during the lab. 

I find that as I circulate the classroom, I look at student lab papers to make sure they are recording their data in degrees Celsius and also check to see if they are on target as they read the thermometer.

Teacher Tip: If you are using a thermometer that shows both Celsius and Fahrenheit, cover up the side that reads degrees Fahrenheit so that students are not confused. I use black electrical tape to cover up the Fahrenheit side of the thermometer because in my class students only use metric (Celsius).

  Using A Thermometer
  Real World Applications: Using A Thermometer
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Measuring Skills: Temperature

Unit 1: Introduction to Science
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Objective: SWBAT measure temperature using metric units and tools.

Big Idea: Do you wonder what keeps you warm on a cold, snowy day? Learn to measure temperature by investigating which materials are good insulators.

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