Reflection: Intrinsic Motivation Teen Number Review - Section 2: Independent practice


As mentioned in the lesson, I tend to avoid worksheet-type practice as much as possible. Now some worksheets are really cute and very well-crafted, certainly, but for me, I'd rather see students really engaged and interacting with each other and the concepts we're practicing than quietly cutting and gluing.

It's amazing that the simple act of rolling a number cube or spinning a spinner is so fun and enjoyable for young students, but honestly, the inclusion of those two elements, and the concept of making a game out of practice takes the fun factor through the rough patches. As children have fun, they interact more, and careful monitoring can either remind students to be practicing the task at hand, in this case, teen numbers, and reinforcing accurate numbers or correct matching of numerals and quantities.

So often over the years, I have seen students silently copying worksheets completed by their neighbors, with virtually no conceptual understanding. As children play and practice together, they help each other learn and gain important practice.

  Why make practice into games?
  Intrinsic Motivation: Why make practice into games?
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Teen Number Review

Unit 14: Tricky Teen Numbers
Lesson 12 of 12

Objective: SWBAT write, count, and represent teen numbers.

Big Idea: Students show how they write, build and explain teen numbers with these hands-on activities.

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