Reflection: Accountability Day 3 - Comparing and Contrasting - Section 2: Independent Practice/Guided Practice


To support student development of concepts in the particular stories, and support one another in their understanding, it is important to focus on one story at a time when adding detail to the T-Chart. In the long run, students will find this information that is included to be more thorough and accurate, thus assisting in their increased overall understanding of each. At that point, they will be better prepared to make appropriate comparisons and contrasts between the texts. 

  Why does each student do only one?
  Accountability: Why does each student do only one?
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Day 3 - Comparing and Contrasting

Unit 9: What is it to be a Woman in America?
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Objective: SWBAT to analyze and compare and contrast the messages shared by these two highly influential women in regard to women's rights and what it is to be a woman, particularly one of color, in America.

Big Idea: Take Time To Look At The Two Texts Together!

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