Reflection: Transitions Idioms vs. Hyperboles: How Word Choice Affects my Reading - Section 4: Independent Practice: Annotate Poem for Impact of Word Choice


This lesson encompasses the need for elements such as exaggerations and idioms to enrich the visual images that narratives provide for its readers. Students had a BALL with the idioms handout despite the lack of experience with some of the phrases. I was so glad to hear students relying on one another to decipher the meaning of these cultural phrases. What made my heart melt was the notion by one class to have more time on the idioms handout due to the fun they had discovering the true meanings of each phrase. I decided to have groups answers as many as they could in 15 minutes. However, this same task can be divided amongst groups of students so that all idioms are covered in the lesson.

The video of the hyperbole men was HILARIOUS! I could not have thought of another way to transition students from one skill to the next. I stumbled across this video the morning the lesson was taught. I was not sure how students would take the "trash-talking" but I was certain that it would made me laugh. Students have never laughed so much in my class. Even the poem by Silverstein made the humor of the lesson heighten with the exaggeration of how garbage made a young girl unpopular. The poem was a great way to bring quietness back into the classroom while analyzing various elements of poetry. There were so many elements to focus on which serves as a great way for teachers to re-teach specific skills students struggle in with poetry. I loved every aspect of this lesson and won't change a thing!

  Exaggerations in Literature Reflection
  Transitions: Exaggerations in Literature Reflection
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Idioms vs. Hyperboles: How Word Choice Affects my Reading

Unit 3: Coming of Age
Lesson 8 of 14

Objective: SWBAT determine the meanings of hyperboles and idioms in written expression.

Big Idea: Saying this! Meaning that! Whatever! I can't take those words back!

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