Reflection: Complex Tasks Using Opinions to Justify Morals in Aesop's Fables - Section 4: Independent Practice: Establishing Meaning from the Analysis of a Fable


I love how this lesson builds on the level of complexity that students show in understanding the impact of morals in fables. I knew that the reading of each fable would pose no difficulty for students. To include levels of complexity in the lesson, I required students to list the elements found in each fable then explain which element impacted the moral of the story.

At first, students were confused about step two of the analysis process. When asked to find the elements of the fable, students questioned how to complete this task. I know that students are not use to writing out the elements (characteristics) of a story. Due to this lack of experience, it challenges them when asked to discuss the impact of an element to another element of the story.

One shift under Common Core Standards is for students to engage with complex text to build higher order thinking skills and comprehension. Any interaction with literature under these standards should require students to pull words apart to analyze its meaning. From the analysis process done throughout the lesson, I wouldn't change anything except the complexity of texts used for student analysis.

  Analyzing Fables Reflection
  Complex Tasks: Analyzing Fables Reflection
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Using Opinions to Justify Morals in Aesop's Fables

Unit 3: Coming of Age
Lesson 7 of 14

Objective: SWBAT determine the central idea of a text and analyze its relationship to the characters and moral of a fable.

Big Idea: Guess what I learned? Fables have THEMES too!

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