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Our Math Practice Standards demand that we guide students to critically think and use what they know. This simple teaching technique of asking them to use prior knowledge, attempt to solve it and then be able to model what they did covers all the Math Practice Standards in one shot. We critiqued the two people who shared their work. Dialogue was rich with tones of abstract reasoning and working to make sense of the problem. The sample shows it as well as what was written on the Smart Board by the two student volunteers.

 You can see in this video a little discussion about two of my students attempt at figuring out how to do two digit by two digit multiplication. Neither of them used the area model, but several did in class. I was really pleased to see this thinking process take flight! One of my students mastered it on the first attempt to figure it out herself!  She was quite pleased! Figuring it out- Prior Knowledge. I have really pushed them to think about place value and I am watched the progress come to fruition in this lesson. CCSS have helped me develop a teaching mind set for these opportunities!

  Giving it a shot!
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Giving it a shot!
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Double Digit Multiplication and the Area Model

Unit 13: Multiplication Unit
Lesson 11 of 19

Objective: SWBAT multiply double digit by double digit numbers using an area model.

Big Idea: Students discover how to apply prior knowledge to solve a double digit multiplication equation using an area model.

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