Reflection: Routines and Procedures The Lorax - Day Two - Section 2: Cause and Effect With the Once-ler and His Business - Guided Practice


You've seen in the last two videos that we have a routine for how we approach looking at text and answering questions.  If you've seen any of my other lessons you know I've reflected on why oral language helps students to close the achievement gap in reading.  I've mentioned a study called the 30 million word gap before.  I now want to share with you a video from Dr. Todd Risley who is a professor at the University of Alaska.  The video that I am linking to had such a profound effect on me that I significantly changed the way I taught.  I increased how much my students talked in the classroom by 10 fold.  You may be overwhelmed when trying to incorporate the Common Core standards in the classroom.  If you change just one thing - let it be how much children talk to each other in meaningful, academic conversations.  I have seen first hand how achievement gaps have closed, and my strugglers have accomplished more in my room than ever before.  Get into a routine to get those kids talking.  It felt funny for me at the beginning of the year, but I focused on this so much this year that right now it is something I naturally do in my teaching now.

  Getting Into a Routine
  Routines and Procedures: Getting Into a Routine
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The Lorax - Day Two

Unit 19: How Do We Help The Earth?
Lesson 5 of 6

Objective: SWBAT identify cause and effect relationships, infer based on clues from the story and determine the theme of the story.

Big Idea: Today we continue with this awesome story, however we're going to be working on a few different reading comprehension skills today.

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