Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Preparing a Habitat for Observation - Section 6: Day 2- Wrap Up


Two of my students were working really well together on the first part of the activity. I started to listen to their conversation, and it became immediately apparent that their background knowledge about life cycles had been activated and that it is something I am going to need to update with them! In the first conversation, they are discussing the habitat and basic needs, and they almost randomly start discussing the life cycle. Watch the first conversation here. Then, in a second conversation that happened about 20 minutes later, they were still talking about it! I am going to add a mini lesson about the life cycle of toads into my literacy unit next week!

  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Students make connections
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Preparing a Habitat for Observation

Unit 2: Living Organisms - Introduction
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Objective: SWBAT assist in designing and making a habitat for classroom observations.

Big Idea: Students watch and learn from real animals in their classroom!

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Science, First Grade, 1.L.1.1 Recognize that plants and animals need air, water, light (plants only), space, food, and shelter
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