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Within this lesson, I ask students to visually represent their data on a bar graph. The standard addressing accurately constructing a scaled bar graph is a third grade standard (3.MD.B.3: Draw a scaled bar graph to represent a data set with several categories). I intentionally use a third grade math standard in this lesson because mastery of the math content is not the primary aim of the lesson. Since the students have already received instruction on how to create a bar graph, they will be familiar with the process and should be successful in accurately completing the task. The primary aim of this lesson is using the data represented in the graph to make judgments about water quality. It is my goal to have students complete the graph quickly and easily so that they can tackle the more complex task of using the data to make informed judgments. 

  Graphing Data - Why Use a Bar Graph?
  Standards Alignment: Graphing Data - Why Use a Bar Graph?
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Graphing our Test Results

Unit 6: Watersheds and Water Quality
Lesson 8 of 10

Objective: SWBAT visually display the results of water quality tests on a graph and use the graph to make judgments about water quality.

Big Idea: Data can be represented visually using a graph. We can use the results of water quality tests to make judgments about overall water quality.

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Science, Human Impact on Earth, water, Environmental Education, graph
  60 minutes
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