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When I work with the district team to create units for the district, I often question if we're headed in the right direction. I have to say that I've really enjoyed hitting the standards deeper each time and in new ways. We did it first with prose, then poetry and now drama. I think my kids have a constant reminder of some of the more difficult terminology like theme and plot, and they get better at it each time. We don't have to do too much new teaching of poetry and dramatic elements, so we essentially just practice our previous skills with new forms of text. My kids have really enjoyed digging into each of these types and I think the consistency has really paid off. 

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Act 3: Scene 1: And The Moral Of The Story Is...

Unit 8: 5th Grade is So Full of DRAMA!
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Objective: SWBAT determine the theme of a drama.

Big Idea: No drama would be complete without a lesson learned.

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