Reflection: Continuous Assessment Introducing Basic Needs of Animals - Section 4: Warm Up


As a way to check in on things that my students have already been exposed to, I frequently do what I call "hard and fast" questioning. Watch this video to see my students in action! This is where I do not engage in lengthy explanations from students, I just want a simple answer. By doing this, I get a lot of information very quickly and I can figure out in a few minutes who remembers/recalls/understands prior instruction and who has forgotten/never learned/didn't understand it. In this video, students are responding to a question about the purple cat in Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Bill Martin, Jr. My question was, "If you were writing about this cat in your science journal, would you color it purple?" My intention is to determine whether students really understood and retained my lesson on science journaling and accurate colors, because I have noticed some inaccurate coloring in the journals! Listen as the students articulate why we would not color the cat purple in our science journals! They got it!


  Continuous Assessment: Do They Remember What I Taught Last Week?!
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Introducing Basic Needs of Animals

Unit 2: Living Organisms - Introduction
Lesson 1 of 3

Objective: SWBAT draw and write what they know about the basic needs of animals and begin asking questions about them.

Big Idea: Students show what they know about the basic needs of animals.

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