Reflection: Modeling Teaching Is Learning, Visual and Auditory Research, Day 1 - Section 2: Mini Lesson


My mini lesson today was one of modeling.  Although the students know how to use iPads to watch videos, I thought it crucial to teach them to "think" of the audience and to make sure they were correct in their information about our topic.

As I planned a lesson in front of them, I made lists, circled key words, crossed out, and discussed (with my pretend partner) why I though something was or was not worth teaching. 

Students need to be shown that these skills are lifelong skills, and that they are learning something that will be useful to them for a lifetime. 

  I Even Have To Do This!
  Modeling: I Even Have To Do This!
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Teaching Is Learning, Visual and Auditory Research, Day 1

Unit 2: Structures of Life: Seeds
Lesson 3 of 13

Objective: Students will be able to use visual and auditory references to clarify and deepen their understanding about the parts of seeds.

Big Idea: These 3 lessons focus on the development of scientific process skills while exploring the content.

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