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To build on the students' developing sense of connection to their local environment, I provide resources that reflect our local environment. To do so, I capture images of our stream site at various times of the year in preparation for this assignment. I try to visit the stream site a minimum of three times a year without the students to take photographs of the site we visit as a class. When students see the images, they are able to connect what they see with the stream site that we visit together. The stream site changes rapidly, so using older images does a disservice to the students since they are not readily able to make personal connections with the images. After a few years of capturing images, I was able to present my students with a comprehensive look at the stream site over several years. This further enabled my kids to make connections as they would recall events from their lives that we could connect with the pictures. For example, my students this year remembered a flood that happened when they were 4 years-old. I showed them pictures of our site during the flood and this helped them to make a connection to the impact of weather on the stream site.

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  Relevance: Making the Assignment Relevant
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Change Over Time

Unit 6: Watersheds and Water Quality
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Objective: SWBAT discuss evidence of change in the stream site over time.

Big Idea: The stream ecosystem is changed by weather, erosion, and human activity.

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