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Evaluating a website is a critical thinking activity that will be continuously assessed throughout the year. The students will keep using the CITE IT tool and the skills they began to develop in this lesson in all projects. This is why I included the rubric for this task as a quick way to identify progress over time on two specific Common Core standards:

  • thoroughly assesses the quality of information (considers usefulness, accuracy and credibility; distinguishes fact vs. opinion; recognizes bias) (CC 612.W.8)
  • justifies choices made when evaluating a website, by giving valid reasons with supporting evidence (CC 6-12.SL.4)

  Checks for Understanding: Blogs as a Formative Assessment Tool
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But Its On The Internet

Unit 2: Online Science Research
Lesson 2 of 3

Objective: Students will understand that not all information they find on the Internet is true and understand why it is important to evaluate websites before using the information in them.

Big Idea: It is important students learn how to view internet information with a critical eye.

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