Reflection: Student Ownership A Closer Look at Our Watershed - Section 2: Guided Practice


It is crucially important to me that my students develop a personal connection with the natural world that exists around them. The building of a "sense of place" is a key component of my state's Environmental and Sustainability Standards which are designed to complement the Next Generation Science Standards. It is because of my desire to build connections to our local environment that I use materials which are closely aligned to the place where we live and attend school. I strive to include local pictures and maps in every lesson in our watershed unit. When students walk around their neighborhood or visit a nearby park, they see images that are familiar to them because they have been presented in class. When students develop a strong connection to the local, natural world, they think critically about their choices, take pride in their neighborhood, and take ownership over their own learning. 

  Connection to the Local Environment
  Student Ownership: Connection to the Local Environment
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A Closer Look at Our Watershed

Unit 6: Watersheds and Water Quality
Lesson 2 of 10

Objective: SWBAT define the boundaries of our local watershed and discuss where water from our school site flows.

Big Idea: Water from small watersheds joins with water from nearby watersheds. All water eventually moves to the ocean.

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Science, Human Impact on Earth, water, Environmental Education
  60 minutes
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