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My advanced readers were able to chat about the questions today and answer them all with relative ease. My one struggling group took quite a bit longer. We got through discussing the first question and completing a shared writing for the answer. I chose a shared write because we're at the end of the year and I don't want to model too much for them anymore. Plus, they've read the text a few times now, so I felt comfortable giving them more responsibility. They got hung up on question 2 though. It was hard for them to conceptualize why the author used that section where the characters are in Rosa's house. They said things like, "we just would've had to think harder." That's a valid thought, but they aren't getting to the fact that the author brilliantly thought out that we should know Rosa had already decided to make sure this case went to the supreme court. It helps us understand the rest of the play. 

I'll be meeting with this group during RTI tomorrow to continue on with these discussions, but I think this is a skill that is going to take some time for our struggling readers to grasp. 

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Cut! Understanding The Importance of Specific Scenes Workstations

Unit 8: 5th Grade is So Full of DRAMA!
Lesson 7 of 14

Objective: SWBAT determine the impact that different scenes have on the development of the plot.

Big Idea: Practice makes perfect! You will definitely need more practice with understanding the impact the structure of a drama can have on the whole piece.

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