Reflection: Student Ownership Our Scientific Community - Section 3: What Are Our Questions?


The students' questions, written on sentence strips, were laid out on the carpet. Students began to sort the questions, expressing their reasons for placing which questions together. I helped facilitate the discussion, but the class decided on how the questions would be sorted. This creates student ownership of the activity.

I learned a couple of things about my learners just looking at the questions they produced:

1. I did not see much evidence that they know what an investigative question is; many of the questions were more about taking observations.

2. There is a strong interest in topics related to the ocean, which is great because this is our next unit!

3. The kiddos really grappled about where to place "How many gallons of water are on the Earth". Some wanted to place it with the ocean topics, others wanted to place it with humans since we drink water. I will use this question when we begin ESS2 (hydropsphere).

This activity is a fantastic way to help students develop discussions that build off of each other because they are stating whether they agree with someone's idea about where to place a question. The students have buy in, because they are making the decisions on how to sort the words.

After the questions are sorted, students decide on a category title and then the questions are posted on the board. This will be a learning board for the kids, as questions are answered, post-its will be placed on the board.

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  Student Ownership: Question Sort
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Our Scientific Community

Unit 1: Our Scientific Community
Lesson 3 of 3

Objective: SWBAT identify similarities between aspects of their scientific inquiry with 'real world scientists'.

Big Idea: Students watch videos to learn what current scientists are doing and start a discussion about their own scientific questions .

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