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RL.5.5 is, quite possibly, the hardest standard for me to explicitly teach. Helping students understand the structure of fiction, poetry and drama is easy, but when I need to teach why an author would include certain sections of a text, it seemed so intimidating to me. I'm still learning, and I'm hoping that I'm leading my students in the right direction, but over the years, I've definitely grown to love the standard. I feel like this is one where we really go beyond the text and start thinking like a writer. We have to know the function and purpose of certain scenes, paragraphs, stanzas and chapters in relation to the overall structure. Every part of what an author creates has a purpose, and I think it's awesome that we're teaching the kids to appreciate the author's craft.

What I find the most challenging is knowing how to assess it. I feel like this standard can be very objective to assess. From the work I've done with creating assessments, you have to find a perfect piece and ask the perfect question about the perfect part of the text. Well, it's not so perfect. The students can still answer why they thought the 4th paragraph was so important and land in that "gray area." We're looking for students to understand that a certain part of the text may be the climax or it may be where the problem is unveiled. So in that sense, it should be easy to assess. However, I feel like this is a huge inferential skill that can take time to develop; especially with the recent adoption of standards. We've been using the common core since 2010, but I have to say that standard is one I glossed over instead of seeing its real worth.

One thing I keep in mind when planning for this standard is to ask myself, "How is this chapter/stanza/scene important to the selection? What would be significant about removing a/this scene from the selection?" 

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Act 1: Scene 2: How do Scenes Impact the Story Line?

Unit 8: 5th Grade is So Full of DRAMA!
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Objective: SWBAT discuss the impact of specific scenes or acts on the development of the play.

Big Idea: Did you ever think about what a movie would be like if some of the best parts were missing?

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