Reflection: Routines and Procedures Modeling Archimedes' Principle - Section 4: Mini Poster


I want students to keep stretching their understanding to ask "What if?" once they have determined that their predictions are supported so that they can find ways to extend their solutions to meet similar problems in the future. For example: "What if the ball was made of a different material like vinyl or rubber or steel?" I want students to consider how the effects of the multiple parameters within the systems under study affect what students think they know about the system. 

I believe that students who are intellectually flexible will be able to tackle more complex material when they are exposed to it. The reason I focus on using this type of thinking routine is because I want students to recognize that there is more to learn on any topic. Physics is built on this idea of more. I emphasize being meta-cognitive because I want students to be able to process more information with more precision and more accuracy, hopefully leading them lead to a greater and deeper understanding of the phenomena of the world around them.

  Using routines to solve problems
  Routines and Procedures: Using routines to solve problems
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Modeling Archimedes' Principle

Unit 1: Building Your Base
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Objective: Students will be able to build a model to investigate Archimedes’ principle.

Big Idea: Archimedes' principle is a conceptual model of fluid mechanics which connects forces to engineering design.

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Science, Physical Science, buoyancy, physics, distance, displacement, Archimedes' Principle
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archimedes principle
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