Reflection: Rigor Cut! Elements of Drama Workstations - Section 2: Rotations


The vocabulary activity was much easier than I expected, so as I watched the kids start to goof around, I asked them to create something to make the activity more exciting, difficult, etc. They ended up turning it into a game of charades. After they all did the matching, a student would pick a word, look at the meaning and then act out clues to see if the group could guess the word. I'm sorry I didn't get video, because it actually looked really cool. My small groups were on a roll and I didn't want to divert too much attention to the other station. 

  Rigor: Vocabulary
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Cut! Elements of Drama Workstations

Unit 8: 5th Grade is So Full of DRAMA!
Lesson 3 of 14

Objective: SWBAT work with the elements of drama to complete some independent activities.

Big Idea: Take a break to process these elements with a little active learning.

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