Reflection: High Expectations Long Vowel Introduction - Section 1: Why this Lesson?


For a while, long vowels were saved for first grade; however, it has been found that students can definitely benefit from exposure in kindergarten.  Since we want our students to develop a conceptual understanding, it is vital to their reading and writing that we teach them that vowels can indeed make both short AND long sounds!  Although it is difficult for some students to understand, it is important that we make sure to have the high expectations for all of our students and expose them all to this useful and helpful information!  When we do this, and teach our students that vowels can indeed make different sounds, we give them the foundation that they need to continue learning through reading and writing.  In the end, although it may be a first grade mastery skill, we need to be sure to plan our lessons to accommodate long and short vowel sounds!

  Long Vowels in K... Are You Sure?
  High Expectations: Long Vowels in K... Are You Sure?
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Long Vowel Introduction

Unit 12: Long Vowels, Blends and Digraphs... Oh My!
Lesson 5 of 6

Objective: SWBAT recognize that vowels sometimes make the long sound in certain words.

Big Idea: When students understand that vowels can make both short and long sounds, they immediately build their decoding skills.

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