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I have found it useful to make sure every student understands the difference between observation and inference.  I use an example of a glass of clear liquid.  We observe that the glass in front of us has a clear liquid in it; we infer that it might be water, but we need to gather more evidence before we can really come to that conclusion.

With respect to the Definitely, Maybe activity, I discuss how I scaffold student discussion of an image like Wedding Reception Speech in this Video Narrative.

  Adjustments to Practice: Clarifying Terms and Using Specific Language
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Definitely, Maybe

Unit 2: Introducing Geometry
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Objective: Students will be able to defend assumptions based on their reasoning. Students will also be able to define basic vocabulary needed for Geometry.

Big Idea: Students question assumptions they make, engage in deductive reasoning and defend their reasoning by examining real-life photographs and a geometric figure.

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Math, Geometry, deductive reasoning, definition, basic properties
  65 minutes
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