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The conversation usually goes something like this:

S: "What do we do when we're done?"

T: "How do you know that you are done?"

S: "We finished everything we had to do?"

T: "Have you checked the work against the rubric?"

S: "Yeah?"

T: "What do you think you will score on accuracy, or knowledge gained?"

S: "Umm, a four?"

T: "Are you asking me or telling me? 

S: "Well...?"

T: "Why don't you go back and see what you can improve. Make sure this is work that you will be proud to show to your children. Once you are absolutely certain, you may consider challenging yourself to find new ways to use or present the work you have done."

"Done time" for me is about pushing the students' work quality and mastery of concepts. It is about perfecting what has been accomplished. For the inevitable student that groans about going back, I suggest, "Was Apple done after the first iPhone?"

  But we're done!
  Rigor: But we're done!
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Science vs. Engineering Project - Day 2-3

Unit 1: Introduction to 7th Grade Science
Lesson 13 of 14

Objective: Students will be able to devise their own science and engineering design processes to be used during the school year.

Big Idea: We can plan our own investigations using our own scientific method and engineeing design process.

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Science, Science Skills, Scientific Method (Science Skills), experimental design, Science and Engineering Design Process, observations
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