Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Outdoor Patterns - Section 3: Defining Patterns


When students began to identify patterns outside, they were looking for the kinds of patterns they are used to seeing in math such as circle, square, triangle, circle, square, triangle. One group identified rock, stick, rock as a pattern, even though the rocks and sticks were clearly placed there by someone and not a naturally occurring event. Another group identified spider web, hole, spider web, hole.Explaining His Pattern It was hard for them to think of other things as patterns. 

Patterns is a crosscutting concept in the NGSS standards. I want students to understand that patterns occur in nature and that scientists use those patterns to help them understand the world we live in. For my young students, the lesson helped me to grasp their understanding of what a pattern is, and to realize that I need to work more with patterns in coming lessons. There next lesson will encourage them to create patterns that they can see, hear and touch. I am hoping that they will begin to extend their understanding of what a pattern is as a result of working with patterns in a variety of lessons. 

  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Student Idea of Patterns
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Outdoor Patterns

Unit 1: What Do Scientists Do?
Lesson 3 of 14

Objective: SWBAT identify different patterns in nature by observing characteristics of growing things.

Big Idea: Observation is an important skill used by scientists. Students often need to be taught to slow down and observe the world around them

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