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Finding appropriate science reading sources can sometimes be a chore. The Engineering Go For It Magazine is a useful tool because it has "cool" engineering careers (like skateboard designers). I use it because the information presented is unusual and I can promote using intriguing information about content.  It is colorful and reprinted regularly to add contemporary information about movies. It can be downloaded for free.  I find the whole magazine useful and attractive.

I buy a class print set every time it is revised. Alternatively, you can print from the pdf and make copies of the pages you think are the best.  I ordered the eGFI Engineering Career Card (page 25 on the pdf) because they are cheap ($10 for a set of 16).  I give each table a set of career cards and I ask them to choose an engineer they want to learn more about. You can order from the Engineering Go For It website a class set of magazines,  career cards, and their poster. 


  Classroom Setup: Engineering Go For It
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Engineers Develop, Design, Invent, and Innovate in Their Careers

Unit 1: Exploring Engineers and the Design Process
Lesson 1 of 6

Objective: SWBAT create a Career Hat, highlighting a variety of engineering careers.

Big Idea: What do you know about engineering careers? Explore the wild world of engineering to create a fun, collaborative career hat.

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