Reflection: Checks for Understanding Aren't You Just a Ray of Negativity? - Section 4: Stations Debrief


This particular lesson can feel jumbled to students from the music video to the stations lab and then the debrief.  Due to all that is going on, the final questions of the debrief are focused on the most crucial content: what did Thomson learn about the atom from his experiment?

If student responses are showing a lack of understanding, it will be important to circle back to this the following day and open the class with a restatement of what was learned the day before.  This can be done by using particularly well written student examples to share the next day, or by a short class discussion.

  Providing Closure
  Checks for Understanding: Providing Closure
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Aren't You Just a Ray of Negativity?

Unit 1: Atomic Structure
Lesson 4 of 10

Objective: SWBAT describe the experiments that led to the discovery of the electron, with particular focus on how like charges interact.

Big Idea: Thomson's cathode ray experiments led to an early model of the atom based on oppositely charged parts.

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