Reflection: Pre-Tests Pretesting The Multiplication Unit - Section 2: Ready, Set, Pretest


The version of the pretest that was given is not completely CCSS based! The directions state to multiply using any method. To satisfy the standard, a student must show understanding of place value through an area model and NOT standard algorithm.  There is rounding and estimation, some powers of ten, and multiple step word problems. The area model is the last problem on this old version, but does not give the student the opportunity to explain their understanding. I have rewritten Multiplication Unit Assessment Re Written & Common Core Alligned  to fit the standards accurately, including writing and explanation of process, thinking and understanding. I think it is essential in this transition to Common Core that we look at assessments through a critical lens and be honest about what needs to be shown. This test will be given as a final since I will align all lessons to fit. The former pre- test still gives us a glance at where their entry level is in understanding.

  Looking at Old Assessments Through a New Lens
  Pre-Tests: Looking at Old Assessments Through a New Lens
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Pretesting The Multiplication Unit

Unit 13: Multiplication Unit
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Objective: SWBAT show what they already know about multiplication prior to delving into the multiplication unit.

Big Idea: Students take a pretest designed to measure what they know about multiplication and word problems involving multiplication.

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