Reflection: Developing a Conceptual Understanding My Name is Yoon, Part 1 - Section 4: Journal Response


My students who are English Language Learners benefit much from being given the opportunity to discuss before they embark on a writing task. I seek to create these oral language development opportunities followed by writing responses in the lessons all the time.

Also, they benefit from adding visuals to their writing. I am glad I allow this to happen. These two components helps to develop their conceptual understanding of the story and I will continue to use it.

Two of the samples in the reflection section have illustrations. Sample 3 captures a good point in the story of how instead of writing her name, Yoon, writes CAT. This student mimics how Yoon writes CAT on every line of her paper. He will remember this.

Next, the Sample 3 also has illustrations and this student does benefit much illustrating. I like her capitalizing the proper names of America and Korea, and she got that Yoon did not like her name.

Finally, the Sample 2 does not have an illustration, but that works for her. I had a conversation with her about one of her details. She writes that Yoon lives in Korea. Because I want my students to pay close attention to the evidence, I asked her if Yoon lives there now. She told that Yoon lives in America now, so I got that she understood what is happening in the storyline.

Overall, I feel my students did a good job with understanding the key details of the story.

  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Reflecting on their writing
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My Name is Yoon, Part 1

Unit 14: My Name is Yoon
Lesson 1 of 6

Objective: SWBAT ask and answer questions to demonstrate understanding of key details a literary text.

Big Idea: If we use letters to represent our name, instead of symbols, does that change the meaning of our name? Come read to find out.

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