Reflection: Student Portfolios Be Specific - Section 3: Explanation


From the 2 work samples, you can see the progression from the beginning set of directions to the second, revised set of directions.  The first samples are lacking quantities and physical steps (how much peanut butter or where to spread the jelly).  In the second revisions the students realized they needed to add more descriptive language including adjectives and quantities. 

  Student Portfolios: Student Work Samples
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Be Specific

Unit 4: Scientific Protocol
Lesson 3 of 13

Objective: SWBAT understand the importance of writing and following specific directions in the science classroom through a hands-on activity.

Big Idea: Giving and following directions is an important skill in the science classroom. This lesson provides students with an opportunity to realize the importance of this skill.

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Science, Building Structures, metric units, mass, Google Drive
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