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I wanted to use this writing topic because it was closely related to the text I was reading aloud in class, Jerry Spinelli's Crash. In the chapter I read aloud, Crash has a beloved grandfather whom he calls Scooter, who comes to live at his house. I really wanted to get everybody writing about a commonality that we all shared. For the most part, all kids have a beloved relative or friend, and I asked kids to explain this special connection.

This can be done really easily, and can be made relevant to all read alouds. Depending on the book, teachers can create fast writing prompts. Maybe they're in the form of a narrative. Maybe their asking kids to take one side or the other and write a mini-argument. Whatever you're reading, writing can easily be incorporated.

  Basing Writing Assignments off of Read Alouds
  Flexibility: Basing Writing Assignments off of Read Alouds
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Special Connections

Unit 1: Reader's & Writer's Workshop: The Launch
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Objective: SWBAT write for an extended period in a personal narrative format.

Big Idea: Who do you connect with? Students reflect upon the special relationships in their lives and write extensively about a memory they shared with one of these connections. This lesson serves as a bridge into the memoir unit.

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