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A colleague and I were having a chat the other day about the stories in our anthology.  We often talk about "next year" (that being the realm of endless possibility,) and we were debating stories that we would ditch and the ones that we would consider teaching again, or for the first time.

A nice thing about the Common Core is that it doesn't dictate the what or how.  It just dictates the desired outcome.  So, we have flexibility.  

When we got to Raymond's Run, she asked what I thought was good about the story.  I, personally, love the story because I love Squeaky.  She's tough, she's real, and she's "serious about her running."  We don't have a lot of stories that depict female characters in this way.

But what is cool about this story is that it hits all of the literary elements in interesting ways.  There's the internal and external conflict and there's the direct and indirect characterization.  And let's not forget the fights we have about exactly WHEN the story's climax occurs.

It's a keeper.

  Raymond's Run, Every Year
  Unit Planning: Raymond's Run, Every Year
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Raymonds Run - Story Elements and a Silent Discussion

Unit 7: Short Stories, Plays, and Elements of Fiction
Lesson 2 of 8

Objective: SWBAT discuss story elements and their function in, and contribution to, "Raymond's Run."

Big Idea: Sharing ideas related to story elements helps students to come to a more sophisticated set of understandings about how they influence the reading of a text.

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