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The Index Card Essay is my interpretation of the "Two-Minute Paper" strategy that can be found in Page Keeley and Cheryl Rose Tobey's excellent book Mathematics Formative Assessment.  The idea is that students have a short amount of time and a limited amount of space to write a legitimate - but tiny! - essay in response to a given prompt.  

I pass out index cards, and post the prompt:

What did you synthesize today?

In using this as an exit slip, I am looking for two things.  We discussed the word synthesis at the start of class today, and I'd like to do a quick check on what they understand that word to mean. I'd also like to give them space to elucidate their own connections between the ideas they saw in the problem set.  

This prompt is open-ended enough that it's challenging for many students to even get started, but no matter what the quality of their response, I get great insight into what they're thinking as I give them a chance to use the vocabulary.

  Index Card Essays
  Writing Across the Disciplines: Index Card Essays
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The Normal Distribution

Unit 1: Statistics: Data in One Variable
Lesson 9 of 11

Objective: SWBAT use the normal distribution to estimate population percentages.

Big Idea: Is it normal to be 6'6" tall?

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